Specialist areas

  • Law firms compliance
  • AML
  • Anti bribery 
  • COLP / COFA support

With over 20 years expertise in the Legal, Financial and Law Enforcement sectors I have developed the perfect platform on which to build a successful career in the field of risk and compliance. 

As a Compliance Consultant, my aim is to share this expertise with you, as your firm embarks on the journey to learn, understand, apply and achieve your goals relating to risk and compliance. My passion in the areas of money laundering, sanctions, bribery and corruption, coupled with a fun and memorable delivery, will ensure your team gains the knowledge and experience required.


I have worked for different sector groups varying from small to medium financial investigation teams to large corporate firms and organisations.   It is true to say that regardless of size, all clients have broadly the same requirements and needs. I am always asked the questions “What do we do?” and “What should we do?”.


It is important for firms to invest in risk and compliance. The short term financial pinch will inevitably result in a long-term gain, helping to protect the business and allow COLP’s, MLRO’s and COFA’s to sleep better at night.  Businesses sometimes don’t know they have a compliance issue or that they are not meeting their regulatory requirements. That’s where I can help you and your firm develop a clear understanding of money laundering, sanctions and bribery and corruption both from a theoretical and practical perspective.


I have had the pleasure in working for firms assisting to conduct policy reviews, implementing process improvement, carrying out file reviews, conducting mock audits, assisting MLRO/COLP’s COFA’s in making informed risk decisions, helping set up operational client opening departments, designing bespoke risk case management systems, writing and delivering firm-wide training.


Here at Teal Compliance we aim to provide a quality service that's not just about the one-off piece of work.  For us it’s important to build a relationship with you, so when you achieve your goals so do we. Whether you need interim assistance, consultancy days or a project manager do not hesitate to get in touch today, we would love to hear from you.

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