What happens to GDPR on exit day?

GDPR during the transition period As we’re all well aware, the UK will finally leave the European Union later today. The UK and the EU will then have until 31 December 2020 (the “transition period”, provided for in the withdrawal agreement) to negotiate an agreement setting out their future relationship. This raises the question: will the UK still be bound by the GDPR post-Brexit? In short, yes. During the transition period, GDPR will continue to apply and the data protection landscape will remain unchanged. The current regime consists of the EU GDPR, supplemented by the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA). As well as modifying the EU GDPR, the DPA applies a similar data protection regime

Preventing a repeat of Dreamvar

Dreamvar – more than a year on …….. so, what has changed? It’s likely most conveyancers will shudder when they hear the name Dreamvar. It’s the case that changed the liabilities and responsibilities of lawyers and conveyancers when dealing with residential property transactions. But in practice, what has actually changed since this case? Firstly, a brief background for those unfamiliar with the details of the case. The case involved the liability of solicitors in cases of identity fraud. A fraudster posed as the seller of a property in London worth about £1million and succeeded in selling the property to an innocent buyer, Dreamvar. Once the property was sold the fraudster seller and the pur

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