Human trafficking and how to spot it

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing illegal enterprises in the world (after drug trafficking). The statistics show the true extent of the problem – a joint report produced by FATF and the Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering (AGF) in June 2018 linking money laundering and human trafficking showed that this form of crime yields an estimated $150 billion in illicit profits each year (up $32bn from a previous 2011 report) - arising from criminal enslavement and exploitation of people worldwide. In September 2017, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Walk Free Foundation, in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration, published The Global Estimates of

The ICO has teeth, and is not afraid to use them!

So, we all knew that the ICO had been equipped with a fine set of gnashers by the GDPR and DPA legislation. What we didn’t know was what it would take to get them to bare them or actually use them. Or what the consequences of an ICO mastication would look like when the bits had been spat out. Well this last week has given us some strong clues in the shape of the BA and Marriott International reports giving details of proposed penalties. Both proposed fines are, in real terms, huge at £183M and £99M respectively. Both organisations are considering appeals. But are the fines in line with expectations? They certainly fall well short of the maximam possible under the GDPR. Speculation when

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