Amy Bell

Specialist areas
  • Law firms compliance
  • AML
  • COLP /  COFA support
  • Audits and policy review

At Teal Compliance we support law firms with their risk and compliance requirements, but we take a wider view. We also provide help in developing new systems and structures, assisting firms to navigate the changes in the legal services market. The market is changing, in some cases beyond recognition and so are the clients. We have three aims: 

1. We want to see legal services delivered in a way that best suits the client, so they feel comfortable and not intimidated by legal services.
2. We want clients to have the utmost confidence in lawyers, which means we have managed away the risks.
3. We want legal services to be fairly priced, for the clients, and the lawyers, so we want it to be as efficient as possible. 

We are passionate about compliance. That might seem an odd statement, who is passionate about what, to most, is a dull subject? But we are. 

Compliance is nothing to fear, as is so often laboured. We accept there are consequences for non-compliance, and there should be, but starting with that attitude - “we have to do this because if not we’ll be in trouble” is somewhat missing the point. 

Compliance is about delivering the best service to the client. It is about reducing the risk of things going wrong. And it is about properly managing the work so it is efficient. It provides a framework to work towards to deliver excellence. 

If you are looking for help or guidance, you want to learn more about compliance, or achieve a goal, like setting up your own firm or gaining an accreditation or even just sleep peacefully, knowing you are compliant, get in touch. We’d love to hear about your hopes for your firm. 

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