Anti Money Laundering

Criminals target Law Firms to launder their dirty money, earned from drug dealing, human trafficking and tax evasion.

Many say it can be difficult to spot, but there are steps firms can take to protect themselves from being caught up in it.

We work with firms to make sure they have appropriate and practical risk-based policies and procedures in place to deter the criminals, and to satisfy their regulatory requirements.

We’re famous for our in-house training - everyone who has been on our AML course can tell you all about how nail bars can be used to launder money.

For firms that have their policies and procedures in place, and want, or need to test that they are working, we provide Independent Audits (which comply with the Money Laundering Regulations).

Read more about our service  here, or get in touch for a chat about how we can help

Feel Safe, Call Teal

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